The 15 Best Movies That Have Marked The History of Cinema

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15. New York-Miami

15 Best Films of Cinema History, New York-Miami

A romantic drama about the choices, struggles, and unexpected gifts of fate: Ellie is the daughter of a millionaire. She, against her father’s wishes, wants to marry her lover. So she runs away from home and goes to New York. Along the way, she meets a reporter named Peter. Together, they come up with a plan to help each other. But one night, everything goes wrong.

The film won five Oscars. It is an iconic film that influenced people’s daily lives. In one scene, Peter takes off his shirt, and there is no T-shirt underneath. This impressed the public enormously: the demand for T-shirts immediately dropped because they went out of fashion.

This selection of The 15 Best Films That Have Marked Cinema History does not contain all the best films in history. Still, in our opinion, these films deserve special attention. So, what three films do you consider the best in cinema history?

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