The 15 Best Movies That Have Marked The History of Cinema

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The world of cinema sees new works arriving at an incredible speed, and it is becoming more and more challenging to choose a film to watch. Some reviews seem subjective. Fortunately, reliable sources publish ratings based on viewers’ opinions, critics, and mainstream media, like the reputable movie site Rotten Tomatoes. We decided to look at The 15 Best Movies That Have Marked Cinema History according to Rotten Tomatoes. We are sure that these Movies are definitely worth watching.

1. Get Out

Get Out

This horror crime film chronicles Chris, a photographer, meeting his girlfriend’s parents, Rose. What could happen? But the whole plot proves that even the most unthinkable things can happen.

The Movie received four Academy Award nominations and a Best Screenplay statuette. Most of the film was shot in 23 days. One of The 15 Best Movies That Have Marked Cinema History in a short time.

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