The 10 Best Electric Cars in Value For Money

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6. Volkswagen ID.3: a trendy minivan?

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In 2019, Volkswagen released the ID.3. It is a compact sedan with the false air of a minivan and a length of 4.26 meters. The immaculate style conceals a well-known platform within the Volkswagen group. Well built, the Volkswagen ID.3 offers plenty of space on board and a trunk of 385 dm3. It is configurable in two power levels, with 150 or 204 horsepower. Three battery capacities are still possible, with 45, 58, or 88 kWh, for respective ranges of 330, 420, or 550 kilometers. Highly reassuring, the Volkswagen ID.3 adapts to the needs of a family while offering a pleasant ecosystem. However, those accustomed to the beautiful finishes of the German brand will have to adjust to a lower level. Did you know? A sportier GTX version will appear… But still in 100% electric mode.

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