The 10 Best Electric Cars in Value For Money

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5. Kia e-Niro: a modern SUV for the family?

The10 Electric Cars in Value for Money, Kia e-Niro, Kia e-Niro electric, Kia car, Kia

The Hyundai Kona Electric is too small for you? Stay at a Korean manufacturer looking at the Kia e-Niro displays a length of 4.35 meters. But this is not its only argument since it also has a 7-year warranty. Again, there are two batteries, 39 kWh or 64 kWh, for respective ranges of 312 or 449 kilometers. Power still maxes out at 204 horsepower. With its trunk volume of 450 dm3, the Kia e-Niro is ideal for family excursions, even off the beaten track, although only the front wheels drive this family SUV. Our advice: if you choose this SUV, there is no need to opt for the highest finish. You have a natural endowment from the Active finish (second level)! Finally, be aware that a new version of the Niro is part of the 2022 novelties concerning electric cars, and it should again include a 100% electric version.

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