The 10 Best Electric Cars in Value For Money

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3. Tesla Model 3: the trendiest compact car?

The10 Electric Cars in Value for Money, Tesla Model 3, Tesla electric, Tesla Model, Tesla

In this article ” The 10 Best Electric Cars in Value for Money ” I think this is the best electric car in the market.

Need more space? Want a sedan? Let yourself be tempted by the Tesla Model 3, which is 4.69 meters long. This beautiful American seduces with the purity of its lines. Superbly designed, it displays an interior with a refined look that surprises before convincing. Various atmospheres are proposed to you, particularly the chic white interior and its Vegan leather. Highly reassuring, the Tesla Model 3 includes many advanced technologies and high-performance aids that make the road safer. You will have the choice between the Standard Range Plus version, which displays 325 horsepower and 448 kilometers in propulsion, and which allows you to benefit from the maximum ecological bonus. In the mid-range, the Long Range peaks at 614 kilometers of autonomy, receives all-wheel drive, and allows up to 440 horsepower. Finally, as its name suggests, the formidable Tesla Model 3 Performance offers 513 horsepower while allowing you to travel up to 567 kilometers without recharging. Want to buy an electric Tesla without breaking the bank? I prefer the SR+ call version, which is already very effective and efficient.

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