The 10 Best Electric Cars in Value For Money

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1. Renault Zoe: Is a star still in the game?

The10 Electric Cars in Value for Money, Renault Zoe, Renault car, Renault electric, Renault

In 2019, the second generation of Renault Zoe arrived. It refines its style and gains new batteries, up to 52 kWh. The autonomy then increases to 390 kilometers. But above all, the 4.08-meter city car gains a more qualitative and even better-finished interior. Its technology uses a wound-rotor synchronous machine that contains no rare metals. The impact on the environment is, therefore, outstanding. The Renault Zoe is now automatically sold with its batteries and no longer with an additional rental package. In addition, the charging system is remarkably efficient since recharging on a Wallbox requires less than four hours for a full charge. The Renault Zoe is for you if you want a livable, modern, and pleasant city car. A piece of advice? Favor the larger battery if you wish for more everyday versatility.

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